When it comes to which conservatory to pick, it can be challenging. Do you go with the one with the sloping roof, or the one with a single door? How about the one that will maximise the light or the one that complements older structures?

With so many to choose from, you might be overwhelmed. That is why, in today’s blog post, we will describe our five favourite conservatories. In no set order, here are our five favourite conservatories.

  • 1. Edwardian Conservatories

We will start our conservatory list off with a classic design. The Edwardian conservatory is popular due to space it can offer, as it uses the maximum space available to create a spacious, additional room in your home.

  • 2. Gable Conservatories

You can add more space to your floor plan and maximise your light with a gable conservatory! A gable conservatory features a double sloped roof; therefore, it creates a very airy and spacious interior. The rectangular design of this conservatory means that you have plenty of space to play with, and different types of furniture will fit in easily.

  • 3. Lean-to Conservatories

A lean-to conservatory might be the most affordable version on our list. This type of conservatory gained its name because they lean into your walls. If you only have a small space in your garden to work with, a lean-to conservatory can help maximise your space.

  • 4. P-Shape Conservatories

Create two rooms with a p-shape conservatory, as the layout allows you to divide the space into two reasonably sized areas. A p-shape conservatory is built like the letter, so you can have two spaces in one. This layout is extremely beneficial if you have kids or animals, as you can create a separate space for them and a space for you.

  • 5. Victorian Conservatories

The final conservatory on our list is the Victorian conservatory. This conservatory brings the outdoors into your home as you will have a full view of your garden wherever you sit. The sloping roof and a rounded end wall make this conservatory perfect for old buildings.


So which is your favourite conservatory? Will you opt for stylish and modern, or quirky and creative? Whichever you decide, pro-fit windows will be on hand to help install your conservatory. Pro-fit Windows have many years of experience in installing conservatories, and we would be happy to help with yours, just contact us today.