Are you wondering whether or not your home needs a conservatory? We are here to share a few reasons why you need a conservatory, which you might not have thought of.

Check out 5 reasons why you need a conservatory below.

Property Value

Did you know that a conservatory can add approximately 5% to the current value of your property? The appeal of a conservatory has not diminished over time, as the added space and charm of bringing the outdoors in, is enough to make anyone want to sign on the dotted line.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in your home, which is why a conservatory will come in handy. A conservatory is one cost-effective way to add space to your home. Whether your family is expanding or you’ve just gone wild in a book shop, a conservatory is an ideal way to add some more space into your home.


A wonderful benefit of a conservatory is that there is such a variety; you don’t have to pick the first one you see. Did you know there were different styles to choose from? From Victorian, to Edwardian and back to the luxurious T-shaped conservatory, you can pick the best one for your home.

Victorian conservatories were once the most popular option, especially when they first came onto the market; but, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring other designs like the lean-to conservatory or the equally as popular P-shaped conservatory.


Conservatories are a great way to connect your home to your garden; all you have to do is open the doors. You can enjoy a BBQ with your food safely stored in your conservatory until it is time to cook it, or relatives can choose between sitting inside or out, without being isolated from the rest of the family.


Have you ever read a book while the pitter-patter of rain adds to the ambience? A conservatory is more than added space, and it’s about more than adding value to your property. It’s about providing you with space where you can escape.

A conservatory can become your bubble, as it has no expectations, like a living room or dining room have, as they have set purposes. A conservatory can be anything you desire. Make it into a reading nook, add an explosion of floral delight or make it into a games room.

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