Imagine having the most coveted windows in your home. Vertical siders are extremely popular, which could be because of their historical association with wealth and style. We love the cottage style appearance of these windows and how they leave a lasting impression on everyone that sees them.

These windows have been specifically manufactured to be eye-catching and functional. The windows improve airflow around your home, while the appearance looks stunning from the outside of your home and the inside.

The beauty of vertical sliders is that they combine the elegance of traditional windows with incredibly beneficial modern materials. Our vertical sliders are manufactured from durable and robust uPVC, which means they will not rot, warp and do not require repainting. Throughout the years these sliders will retain their colour and shape, they will also require minimum maintenance which is great for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Vertical sliders are also easy to clean thanks to the tilt and slide movement, which allows you to clean the inside as well as the outside. You can also obtain these sliders in different colours to make the style of your development.

Adding to the list of benefits, these vertical sliders have a high-security locking system and improve heat retention, which means you could see a decrease in your energy bills.

Period buildings or homes that need a particularly eye-catching feature should look into adding vertical sliders. You can add character to any development by incorporating these sliders into your development.